The Lone Sentinel: Chapter 1

The beeping of a heartbeat monitor, the iridescent white light of a cheap overhead light fixture, the all-white walls. These were the first things that Jackal perceived as he woke up in his hospital bed. A woman in a fur lined aviator jacket, black BDU pants and a black tank top with “VLUM”, standing forContinue reading “The Lone Sentinel: Chapter 1”

The Lone Sentinel: Introduction & Prologue

INTRODUCTION: It’s been forty five years since the Apocalypse Wars, when the four largest interstellar nations went to brutal and bloody war. Named for its scale and brutality, the Apocalypse Wars was a conflict marred with the most singularly cruel combat known to the galaxy’s history. In the decades following, the various nations of theContinue reading “The Lone Sentinel: Introduction & Prologue”

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